Visionz Shroom Gummies

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This is 1 Package of Visionz Gummies. 1 package contains 14 gummies. Each gummy is 0.25 grams. Total for the package is 3.5 grams.

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Visionz Shroom Gummies

1 Package of  Visionz Shroom Gummies nicely packed in a tin box

🍄1 package contains 14 gummies. Each gummy is 0.25 grams. Total for the package is 3.5 grams

These gummies are one of our best sellers, they taste absolutely amazing and are potent!
Made with Buddha Belly strain
Vegan & last 1 year on the shelf

They give a nice body high with beautiful visuals

These are great for micro-dosing or if you want to really trip take more than 4 pieces and get ready to fly

Please place an order here by making an account on our website & text us for a link to pay via PayPal or Cashapp, due to the nature of the product we only accept these two forms of payment for now. We are an established and reputable business that wants you to be a client of ours for years to come!






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5 reviews for Visionz Shroom Gummies

  1. bayouguy

    All I can say is these folks are an absolute pleasure to do business with! These gummies are incredible! Using them for micro dosing is perfect.They pack a punch! Thx again Dreamery🍄✌️

    • Dreamery Shrooms

      We are so happy for clients like you! Thank you 🍄💕

  2. WWonderWWomen

    Friendly and prompt service! I love these gummies, they are accurately and evenly dosed making them ideal for my microdosing journey. They taste great and hit as hard as you like(:

    • Dreamery Shrooms

      So happy to hear this! And thank you for being our client! 💕🍄

  3. Gabi

    Good taste! And you definitely get what you’re looking for!

  4. stelamagia (verified owner)

    I’ve been using shrooms for about 4 years now and these are by far the best gummies I’ve had. Super tasty and very easy to adjust your dose. Definitely my go-to now. Much love <3

    • Dreamery Shrooms

      Wow that’s amazing coming from someone that knows what they are talking about ! Thank you!

  5. aawinkles (verified owner)

    I got these to test out the benefits of micro dosing after a head injury. It was the perfect amount to test the water and get an idea of dosage. They taste great and made me extremely comfortable with testing out the benefits. Definitely going to try more products

    • Dreamery Shrooms

      So happy to hear! Thanks so much for trusting us with such a important situation.

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