Penis Envy – Magical Psilocybin Dry Shrooms – 1/8 (3.5 grams)

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Penis Envy – Magical Psilocybin Dry Shroom Mushrooms – 1/8 (3.5 grams)

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Penis Envy – Magical Psilocybin Dry Shroom Mushrooms – 1/8 (3.5 grams)

The most notable characteristic of the Penis Envy mushroom is its exceptional potency. Samples of this mushroom have shown combined psilocybin and psilocin concentrations as high as 2.90% (3–6 times more potent than the average Psilocybe cubensis).

Take some Penis envy and feel some of these beautiful experiences…

Hypnagogic Experiences: Greater intensity of emotional experiences, increased introspection, and altered psychological functioning.

Perceptual Shifts: Changes in perceptual shifts like illusions, synesthesia, and mixing sensory modalities.

Visual Perception: Possible changes to visual perception like halos around lights and objects or geometric patterns with closed eyes.

Personal Perspective: Thoughts and emotions could start to change.

Emotional Shifts: Stronger emotions ranging from good to bad. Many recommend not resisting these emotions in either direction. Rather let them run their course. Many who report strong negative emotions experience a simultaneous sense of calm and acceptance. They find themselves detached from these emotions, especially if they remind themselves that the emotions are temporary.

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1 review for Penis Envy – Magical Psilocybin Dry Shrooms – 1/8 (3.5 grams)

  1. Drobro

    Got a sample of Penis Envy with a recent order and it was phenomenal!

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